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März 1, 2008

Although this blog is written in German, there is also some information here that might be of interest to readers who don’t know German. For one, the links to various Indonesian language resources discussed in the pages on the sidebar include many English language websites. To make navigating those pages easier, I have added a short explanatory paragraph in English to the FAQ. Furthermore, some entries do include text in English, either translations or word lists pertaining to Indonesian language texts referred to in the respective entry. I have tagged all entries that include information in English of the kind described above with english.translation. Be aware that this also includes entries such as this one, which actually only has only a very small amount of text in English.

BBC: Astronot pertama Malaysia

März 1, 2008

Ein Artikel von der BBC über den ersten „Angkasanauten“ Malyasias (12.10.2007).

Astronot pertama Malaysia

Astronot Malaysia pertama di antariksa tiba di Stasiun Angkasa Luar Internasional (ISS). Link zum vollständigen Artikel

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